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The Big-8 Management Board:

Site Map

Big-8 Management FAQ
Core Information about the Newsgroup Creation Process
Newsgroup Creation Policies
Newsgroup Creation FAQ
news.groups.proposals FAQ
Content and Format of a Request for Discussion (RFD)
Core Information about Group Removal Process
Group Removal Policies
Group Removal FAQ
Content and Format of a Group Removal RFD
General Information
History of the Big-8
News Service Providers
Reference Materials
FAQs, RFCs, Standards, Specifications, etc.
Usenet and Big-8 Links
General Policies
Changing Moderation Status
Moderator Vacancy Investigations
Types of Proposals That Are Discouraged
Board Policies
Board Voting Policies
Board Membership Policy
Adding Members to the Board
Working Groups / Committees -- Public Pages
Dead Groups Task Force
news.answers Liaison
Usenet Volunteer Polltakers
Group Mentors
Technical Team
Usenet Volunteer Moderators
News Service Providers Committee
Want to Volunteer?
Contact Us
e-mail the Board
e-mail the webmaster
Working Groups / Committees (login required)
B8MB Members Private Site

About This Web Site

The purpose of this site is to make the structure and functions of the Big-8 Management Board as intelligible and accessible as possible. If you have questions, suggestions, or corrections, please e-mail us.