Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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This page contains links to such reference materials as the Usenet FAQs, a list of RFCs relevant to Usenet and the Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP), and related technical documents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About the current Big-8 management system

FAQ: Big-8 Hierarchy Management

FAQ: Control Messages & Checkgroups What is the process for notifying news server administrators of changes in the eight classes of Usenet newsgroups?

FAQ: Group Removal How is an old newsgroup terminated?

FAQ: Moderation How do moderators control a moderated newsgroup?

FAQ: New Newsgroup Users Information for new participants in the community of newsgroups.

FAQ: Newsgroup Creation How does a new Usenet newsgroup come into existence?

FAQ: How to Create a New Newsgroup DRAFT FAQ for periodic posting to news.* hierarchy.

FAQ: Letter to Proponents What are the responsibilities of a proponent?

FAQ: news.groups.proposals How does news.groups.proposals fit into the system?

About Other Issues

FAQ: What is Usenet? How do the Big-8 newsgroups fit into Usenet?

FAQ: Who takes care of the FAQ sites?

FAQ: What is going on with the child-pornography crackdown?

Requests for Comments (RFCs)

RFCs: These are the specifications under which Usenet and NNTP operate.

Miscellaneous References

Big-8 Management Board Who is on the board that governs Usenet?

News Service Providers Who hosts newsgroups?

Newsreaders What computer applications are available for posting new messages to newsgroups and reading what others have posted?

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