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The following tabulation lists all current (not obsolete) RFCs that have Usenet or NNTP in their titles along with selected RFCs to which they refer and some other RFCs of general Internet impact. Some (e.g., RFC1855) may be of interest to general newsgroup participants. Others (e.g., RFC2046) are of a technical nature that might be of interest only to developers of news servers and clients.

The RFC number in the first column is a link to its online document.

The term RFC means "request for comment". Technically, an RFC is thus not a standard. In many cases, however, an RFC is as close to a standard as we can get. On the other hand, some RFCs have indeed been elevated to official standards. Those are indicated with their numbers in bold and the number of the standard in parentheses with STD.

The "Date" column is the date (month and year) the RFC was published for comments.

Under "Impacts On and From Other RFCs", obsolete RFCs are in strike-out. Links are provided for non-obsolete RFCs that update the subject RFC.

RFC # Title Date Impacts On and From Other RFCs Comments
1011 Official Internet Protocols May87 Obsoletes RFC991, Updated by RFC 6093 Lists those Internet RFCs and other specifications that were in effect on the publication date.
(part of STD0003)
Requirements for Internet Hosts - Application and Support Oct89 Updates RFC822; Updated by RFC1349, RFC2181,RFC5321, and RFC5966 (none of which are relevant to NNTP) See errata
1855 Netiquette Guidelines Oct95
2026 The Internet Standards Process -- Revision 3 Oct96 Obsoletes RFC1602, RFC1871
Updated by RFC3667, RFC3668, RFC3932, RFC3978, RFC3979, RFC5378, , RFC5657, RFC5742 (none of which are specific to NNTP)
Best Current Practice

see errata
2046 Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part Two: Media Types Nov96 Obsoletes RFC1521, RFC1522, RFC1590
Updated by RFC2646, RFC3798, RFC5147 (specific to MIME, not to NNTP), and RFC6657
See errata
2076 Common Internet Message Headers Feb97 See also non-RFC update to RFC 2076
2980 Common NNTP Extensions Oct00 Updated by RFC3977, RFC4643, RFC4644, and RFC6048
3676 The Text/Plain Format and DelSp Parameters Feb04 Obsoletes RFC2646 See §4.3 regarding signatures in Usenet messages.
3977 Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) Oct06 Obsoletes RFC977; Updates RFC2980, Updated by RFC6048 See errata
Uniform Resource Identifier (URI): Generic Syntax Jan05 Obsoletes RFC1808, RFC2396, RFC2732
Updates RFC1738
See erratum
4643 Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) Extension for Authentication Oct06 Updates RFC2980 See erratum
4644 Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) Extension for Streaming Feeds Oct06 Updates RFC2980 See erratum
5322 Internet Message Format Oct08 Obsoletes RFC2822
Updates RFC4021 (not relevant to NNTP)
See errata
5536 Netnews Article Format Nov09 Obsoletes RFC1036, RFC1849 See erratum
5537 Netnews Architecture and Protocols Nov09 Obsoletes RFC1036, RFC1849 See errata
5538 The 'news' and 'nntp' URI Schemes Apr10 Specifies URIs to reference newsgroups and individual newsgroup messages
6048 Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) Additions to LIST Command Nov10 Updates RFC2980 and RFC3977
6093 On the Implementation of the TCP Urgent Mechanism Jan11 Updates RFC 1011

To search for other RFCs, visit the Internet Society's RFC Index Search Engine. The Official Internet Protocol Standards shows the correlation between standards and RFCs, listed both in standard-number sequence and RFC-number sequence. Insert non-formatted text here