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Getting started

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Prettytable template

See Template:Prettytable for details on this template. It collapses the table border and does other things to format a table relatively nicely.


In the old wiki, the custom was to group pages by namespace (blogs, board, faqs, history, member, nan, ngp, playground, policies, rfd, volunteer, wiki, workgroups). Articles had to be prefaced by the proper namespace and a colon in order to locate them in links.

MediaWiki has approximately seventeen standard namespaces. The convention is to create all articles in the same namespace and to use categories and other aids to organize the material for readers.


Short names or abbreviations for pages can be created by using redirects. On the page with a short name, put #REDIRECT [[long target name]]. Redirect pages can be categorized like any other pages.

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