From Usenet Big-8 Management Board
From: (Tim Skirvin)
Date:		Mon, Apr 17 2006 9:29 pm
Subject:        [B8MB] Draft Creation System Outline
Newsgroups: 	news.groups, news.announce.newgroups

        The B8MB has recently finished Voting the outline of the new
newsgroup creation system.  The following is by no means ready to be used;
it needs to be polished, tested, and polished some more, before we can
even properly write it up in English...  But it does at least offer a good
idea of the kind of system we're looking at.  So, without further ado:

I.  The Proponent makes a proposal, and the proposal is discussed.

  1.  A proposal for change is offered by a Proponent.
    a.  A proposal may be offered by simply posting it to news.groups.
    b.  A properly formatted proposal may also be approved for posting in
        news.announce.newgroups, at the discretion of the B8MB and the
        Technical Team.
    c.  A list of active proposals recognized by the B8MB will be posted
        regularly to news.announce.newgroups.

  2.  Discussion of the proposal will take place in news.groups.
    a.  Appropriate crossposting of this discussion to appropriate
        newsgroups is encouraged.
    b.  This discussion is known as the Proposal Discussion.  (PD)
    c.  Additional drafts of the proposal may be approved in NAN at the
        discretion of the B8MB.

  3.  The Proponent shall lead the discussion, with the assistance of
      Group Mentors.
    a.  Polls and votes shall, where possible, be handled by the UVP.
       - Polling announcements may be approved in NAN, at the discretion
         of the B8MB.
    b.  The B8MB will help organize and moderate the discussion.

II.  The proposal is determined to be ready for voting.

  1. Proponent submits proposal by posting it to news.announce.newgroups.

  2. Either the B8MB or its delegate decides whether the proposal meets
     the Board's requirements.

  3. If the proposal is rejected, the Board or its delegate may notify the
     proponent and explain why the proposal was rejected.

  4. If the proposal is accepted, it is approved for posting to
     news.announce.newgroups by the Technical Team. The proposal is
     discussed publicly in news.groups and privately by the Board and
     any delegates.

III.  The proposal is voted upon.

  1.  Voting shall consist of a majority vote of the B8MB and any
      individuals and/or groups specifically designated as having voting
      rights for the relevant type of proposal.
    a.  We will not be designating anybody at this time!

  2.  The voting will follow standard B8MB voting policies:
    a.  Majority Rules.
    b.  "Active Member" policies apply to designates as well.
    c.  The vote is called by the Chair (or designate).
    d.  Maximum of 1 week vote, less if results come in quickly.

  3.  Results will be posted to NAN immediately; but no action will be
      taken for five days.

IV.  The Technical Team implements the decision.

  1.  The Technical Team is responsible for implementing the decision,
      if necessary.

  2.  The Technical Team is defined as one or more people on or
      appointed by the Board to issue control messages, moderate
      announcement groups, maintain the web site and
      mailing lists, and perform other duties required to achieve
      the mission of the B8MB.

        Please, offer your comments and questions, and, yes, criticisms in

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                                      Chair, Big-8 Management Board
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