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From: (The Big-8 Management Board)
Subject: RESULT: soc.religion.asatru moderated passes
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Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 11:39:00 -0700

             moderated group soc.religion.asatru passes

The Big-8 Management Board has voted to create soc.religion.asatru.
Voting began on 18 May 2006, and ended on the same day.

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted.
Subject to major developments that may cause the Board to change its
decision, the Technical Team will create the group shortly thereafter.


soc.religion.asatru	Following the Gods and Goddesses of Northern Europe. (Moderated)

Proponent: Doug Freyburger <>

CHARTER: soc.religion.asatru

Soc.religion.asatru is a place for people from around the world to
meet and discuss topics of interest to Asatru, its rites, beliefs, and
practices.  Asatru is broadly defined as the ancient religion of the
peoples of Northern Europe known collectively as the pan-Germanic tribes,
both in its historical ancient form and its modern reconstruction.

Only discussion relating to the practices of Asatru, both ancient
and modern, or discussion among those practicing the religion, is
allowed.  Friendly guests are welcome.  To reduce spam and troll postings,
cross-posted messages are only allowed by prior arrangement with the
moderators.  Expect only cross-posted FAQ files to be approved by the
moderators.  Posts promoting, arguing for or bashing other religions
are off topic.  Readers wishing to discus these topics may do so in the
appropriate newsgroups.  Posts comparing Asatru with other religions
are on topic. The rules of netiquette should be observed at all times.
Irrelevant profanity should be avoided but is tolerated.  Anonymous
postings are allowed at the discretion of the moderators.  Posters using
consistent aliases are allowed.

Since English is the standard language of the Big-8 UseNet heirarchies,
use of English is encouraged but not required.  Some fraction of the
traffic is expected to be in ancient Old Norse (mostly quotes for use in
translations), modern German, modern Icelandic, and other languages in
the pan-Germanic language families.  Parallel English translations are
requested when possible.  Character sets diverse enough to render Old
Norse are not considered binary content.  Use of runic fonts is allowed
if accompanied by non-binary transliteration or translation.  Short
quotes using other alphabets like Sanskrit, Cyrillic or Greek are allowed
but entire posts in other alphabets are not allowed.  Do not expect
the majority of readers to be able to render or read other alphabets.
Non-English traffic without parallel translation are rejected by the
moderators if it reaches 10% of the total posts.  Any binary format other
than alternate alphabets must be approved by the moderators and are
usually rejected.  For binary content please store on the web and include
a URL.  PGP signatures are allowed.

The newsgroup is moderated with the following in mind. On the positive
side: Is the post relevant to Asatru?  Is it discussion among established
Asatruar?  On the negative side: Is the post abusive?  Is it cross-posted?
Is it spam?  Posts advocating hate, racism, anti-Semitism or neo-Nazism
are off topic and are rejected.  On the neutral side: Posts by adherents
to various opinions within Asatru are accepted even by moderators who hold
other opinions.

In the event that the moderators wish to add another moderator, the
procedure for doing so is as follows.  First, they call for volunteers on
the newsgroup.  Next, they winnow the volunteers by dropping any to whom
strong objections are raised.  They then select one or more person(s) from
the remaining volunteers.

The moderation policy is subject to change by the moderators.  Initial
moderation policy is as follows - Cross-posts are automatically rejected.
New posters are put on hand moderation.  Most posters are moved to
automatic acceptance after a small but unspecified number of posts.
Spammers are moved to automatic rejection.  Users who repeatedly violate
the charter whose posts are not rejected through the cross-post block are
moved to automatic rejection by a unamious agreement among the moderators.
The list of addresses automatically rejected is reviewed annually and
expirations considered.  When a post is rejected a copy of the charter is
sent in response in case the poster does not understand the purpose of
the group.  Posters on automatic rejection may contact the moderators to
appeal.  A majority vote among the moderators is needed to remove a user
from the automatic rejection list.


MODERATOR INFO: soc.religion.asatru

Moderator: Doug Freyburger <>
Moderator: Dirk Bruere <>
Moderator: Nik Warrensson <>
Moderator: Robert Bowman <>


Since moderation software is used (initially STUMP), the list of
moderators is changed to their accounts on a moderation server at the time
the newsgroup is created.



2006-05-18   Vote results posted, prepared by Tim Skirvin.
2006-05-18   Final RFD, prepared by Tim Skirvin.
2006-05-04   Revised by Tim Skirvin for formatting only.
2006-04-28   Revisions based on suggestions by Joe Bernstein.
2006-03-28   Gods and Goddesses in newsgroup line, expand weekdays
             to mention both Saxon and Norse names to show the
             pan-Germanic nature of Asatru.
2006-03-03   Rewrite taking into account comments by the Big-8
             Moderation Board on news.groups.  Add change history,
             shorten newsgroups line, present tense, more historical
             and placement justification, traffic justification.
2005-12-13   Initial version based on Swain Wodening's 1999 RFD.
             Rewritten to take into account the objections voiced
             at that time.  Includes review by the initial moderator