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From: (Big 8 Management Board)
Subject: 1st RFD: The Great Downsizing 2011/2
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2011 11:57:33 EDT
Message-ID: <>

                       REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION (RFD)

This is a formal Request for Discussion (RFD) to remove 23 moderated


The newsgroups listed below were chosen because they have had no on-topic
traffic for years. Moderator Vacancy Investigations (MVIs) were posted for
these groups between May 29 and June 17, 2011. The MVIs precipitated no
interest in retaining the newsgroups.



Because of the magnitude of the group list this proposal is not crossposted
to target groups. Readers are encouraged to take initiative and spread the


Probe posts, communication with moderators, and MVIs were done by Steve


In about four weeks this RFD will be followed by an LCC. Five days after
publication of the LCC the board votes on each newsgroup individually.
More details can be found here:  


comp.os.linux.answers		FAQs, How-To's, READMEs, etc. about Linux. (Moderated)
comp.os.research		Operating systems and related areas. (Moderated)		New PGP versions, utils and such. (Moderated)
comp.unix.sco.announce		SCO and related product announcements. (Moderated)
rec.gambling.blackjack.moderated		Blackjack gambling. (Moderated)
sci.aeronautics.airliners		Airliner technology. (Moderated)
sci.aeronautics.simulation		Aerospace simulation technology. (Moderated)		AIDS: treatment, pathology/biology of HIV, prevention. (Moderated)		The practice of obstetrics by midwives. (Moderated)		Obstetrics & gynecology. (Moderated)
sci.physics.discrete		Discrete models of fundamental physical processes. (Moderated)
sci.psychology.journals.psyche		E-journal on consciousness. (Moderated)
sci.psychology.journals.psycoloquy		E-journal on psychology. (Moderated)
sci.techniques.mass-spec		All areas of mass spectrometry. (Moderated)
sci.virtual-worlds		Virtual Reality - technology and culture. (Moderated)
soc.culture.estonia		Estonian culture, language, news, politics. (Moderated)		Info group for soc.culture.indian, etc. (Moderated)
soc.culture.indian.telugu		The culture of the Telugu people of India. (Moderated)
soc.culture.jewish.holocaust		The Shoah. (Moderated)
soc.culture.singapore.moderated		Singapore & Singaporeans. (Moderated)
soc.history.war.vietnam		The Vietnam War. (Moderated)
soc.politics.anti-fascism		The politics of fighting fascism. (Moderated)		Issues and support related to pregnancy loss. (Moderated)


2011-05-29 to 2011-06-17	22 individual MVIs
2011-06-17			1st RFD to remove
2011-07-19			1st RFD to remove all 23 groups