From Usenet Big-8 Management Board
From: Steve Bonine <>
Subject: RFD: (remove)
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2011 21:28:08 EDT
Message-ID: <>

                       REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION (RFD)
                 remove moderated group

This is a formal Request for Discussion (RFD) to remove moderated 


The moderation process for is functioning, but there 
has been no activity in the newsgroup since 2005.  The moderator agrees 
that the group is "dead in all useful respects."

NEWSGROUPS LINE: The practice of obstetrics by midwives. (Moderated)



CHARTER will be a moderated discussion group on all aspects
of the practice of obstetrics by midwives. This can include, but is
not limited to case consultation, distribution of new information in
the specialty, discussion of the practice environment and conditions
and on the education and training in diversity of midwives.

The intended participants of this proposed group would be midwives.
All others without commercial aims involved in gentle midwifery
including and not limited to: Birthchild Educators, Labor Supporters,
Childbirth Assistants, Herbalists, Breastfeeding Consultances, Doulas,
and other people with relevant knowledge, skills, questions and
remarks are greatfully welcomed to join.


The group passed its vote for creation on 14 October 1995 by 271:20.  It 
was active until early 1998.  In April 2002 it was revived by Brian 
Edmonds <>.  Since early 2005 there has 
not been any significant activity in the newsgroup.


Steve Bonine <>


Those who wish to comment on this request to remove this newsgroup
should subscribe to news.groups.proposals and participate in the
relevant threads in that newsgroup.  To this end, the followup header of
this RFD has been set to news.groups.proposals.

For more information on the removal process, please see


17 June 2011:  First RFD.