From Usenet Big-8 Management Board
From: Alexander Bartolich <>
Subject: 2nd RFD: moderated (remove)
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2010 11:38:10 EDT
Message-ID: <i6241k$1sp$>

              moderated group

This is a formal Request for Discussion (RFD) to remove moderated


According to Google's archive the last regular post was approved on
2003-01-22. A probe message resulted in a bounce.

<>: host[] said: 550 all relevant MX records
  point to non-existent hosts (in reply to RCPT TO command)

Richard Crowley says that the newsgroup went through more than one
round of setting up new moderation, but ultimately failed each time.
>Message-ID: <>

NEWSGROUPS LINE:	Professional video, technical and artistic. (Moderated)




This would be a general newsgroup dealing with specific technical and
artistic issues in professional video, television and broadcasting.
Topics would include:
+ policy (eg. federal regulations passed down from the Federal
  Communications Commission) and operation (eg. day-to-day physical
  plant) of broadcast, production and post production facilities.
+ announcements of events of interest to the video, television and
  broadcasting community such as conferences and conventions.
+ ENG (Electronic News Gathering) equipment specifications.
+ New ENG (Electronic News Gathering) technology such as disk-based
  (as opposed to tape-based cameras).
+ ENG (Electronic News Gathering) videotape formats.
+ Linear and nonlinear editing.
+ Special Effect design and creation.
+ Problem solving and Trouble Shooting.
+ Production artistry.
+ Single camera productions.
+ Multiple camera productions.
+ In-Studio productions.
+ Remote (out of studio) productions.

HISTORY OF THE GROUP: is a moderated newsgroup which passed its vote for
creation by 201:14 as reported in news.announce.newgroups on 14 Aug 1995.


Alexander Bartolich <>


Those who wish to comment on this request to remove this newsgroup should
subscribe to news.groups.proposals and participate in the relevant threads
in that newsgroup.

To this end, the followup header of this RFD has been set to

In the course of the removal process four formal announcements are posted
(MVI, 1st RFD, 2nd RFD, and LCC), each taking two weeks. At the end of the
process the B8MB will vote on the issue.

Available options for are:
- leave the group as it is
- remove the group

For more information on the removal process, please see


2010-05-20	Probe post
2010-08-09	Moderator Vacancy Investigation
2010-08-23	1st RFD
2010-09-06	2nd