From Usenet Big-8 Management Board
From: Big-8 Management Board <>
Subject: RESULT: will be removed
Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 17:49:47 EDT
Message-ID: <htk0kf$bu8$>

     will be removed

The Last Call for Comments (LCC) on 2010-05-17 initiated a five-day
period for final comments.  Following this comment period, the Big-8
Management Board has decided by vote to remove moderated group

Vote results (yes-no-abstain): 10-0-0


According to Google's archive the last regular post was approved on
2000-11-09. A probe message resulted in a bounce.

  ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
      (reason: 550 <>... User unknown)
      (expanded from: <>)

NEWSGROUPS LINE:	Remediation of Y2K, similar bugs. (Moderated)




This newsgroup will be open to technical aspects of the year 2000
conversion including:

* Technical discussions - year 2000 problems and solutions on various
   computer systems and networks. "What we're doing in our project";
   suggestions on test setups for specific systems. Programming

* Project-management issues - suggested phases in year 2000 projects;
   how to get projects budgeted; cost estimating; test strategies;
   contingency plans; checklists; expected staffing demands.

* Software tools - for inventory and/or conversion of affected code.
   Rating of/experiences with specific tools. Pitfalls to watch out
   for. Pointers to relevant products and vendor documentation.

Moderation policies:

Language shall not be restricted to English.

All posts shall be directly related to the subject of year 2000
compliance. Topics of a political, philosophical or religious nature
shall not be posted in No job postings.
No binary/HTML posts. We hope to keep the moderation light, and allow
most non-spam posts.

Single, short announcements of Y2k products (either new or significant
upgrades) are acceptable, and should refer to Web pages for details.

HISTORY OF THE GROUP: is a moderated newsgroup which passed its vote
for creation by 241:14 as reported in news.announce.newgroups on 5 Oct 1998.


Alexander Bartolich <>


2009-11-24	First probe post
2010-04-04	Moderator Vacancy Investigation
2010-04-19	1st RFD
2010-05-03	2nd RFD
2010-05-17	LCC
2010-05-26	RESULT