From Usenet Big-8 Management Board
From: Big-8 Management Board <>
Subject: RESULT: comp.os.os2.moderated will be removed
Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 17:49:38 EDT
Message-ID: <htk0ij$bsm$>

              comp.os.os2.moderated will be removed

The Last Call for Comments (LCC) on 2010-05-17 initiated a five-day
period for final comments.  Following this comment period, the Big-8
Management Board has decided by vote to remove moderated group

Vote results (yes-no-abstain): 10-0-0


Probe posts showed no result. According to Google's archive the last
regular post was approved on 2006-09-26.


comp.os.os2.moderated	OS/2 usage tips, info, discussion. (Moderated)




This newsgroup will provide a forum for moderated discussion of usage
tips, information, and issues related to the OS/2 operating system.
Moderators will eliminate

   * All crossposts
   * Posts that contain no information regarding the use of OS/2.
   * Patently inflammatory posts

No attempt will be made to eliminate information that is incorrect, to
evaluate whether a particular post is "interesting enough", or to
censor discussions based on the opinions expressed.  The only
requirement will be that the discussion continue to relate to OS/2 and
that it continue to be informative.  The role of the moderators will
be to create a newsgroup with civil and informative discussion

There will be a team of at least two, and not more than five,
moderators.  Each moderator will forward each rejected post to one of
the other moderators, who will, at their option, either discard it or
return it to the poster.  The identity of the moderators will be
known, but the moderator who rejected a particular post will not be

The moderator team will, by vote, determine whether to redirect posts
or to request that the submitter resubmit the posts to the proper
newsgroup.  The policy regarding redirection may be changed at any
time and may be temporarily changed for any reason.

Anyone may post a "call for votes" in an effort to join the moderator
team.  Not more than once per quarter, a slate of candidates will be
posted in response, which lists the current moderators and the new
candidates (identified as such).  If a candidate receives at least 100
votes and receives more votes than an incumbant, then the candidate
will replace the incumbant.  If there are less than five moderators,
the moderators will decide, by vote, whether to post a "call for
votes" or to just vote on the candidate themselves.  The coordinator
will break ties.

Moderators will choose, by vote, a coordinator.  This coordinator may,
but need not, be a moderator.


comp.os.os2.moderated is a moderated newsgroup which passed its vote for
creation by 563:19 as reported in news.announce.newgroups on 24 Jun 1996.


Alexander Bartolich <>


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