From Usenet Big-8 Management Board
From: Alexander Bartolich <>
Subject: Moderator Vacancy Investigation: comp.infosystems.kiosks
Date: Sat, 9 Jan 2010 20:05:36 EST
Message-ID: <hib3t9$353$>

              moderated group comp.infosystems.kiosks

This is a formal Moderator Vacancy Investigation (MVI), begun because
moderated newsgroup comp.infosystems.kiosks is not functioning,
and may have been abandoned by its moderator(s).

This investigation will attempt to verify the reasons for non-function,
and may result in the removal of the group or the selection and instal-
lation of a new moderator.  In practice, the Big-8 Management Board
considers the third alternative--changing the status of the group from
moderated to unmoderated--as likely to cause more harm than good.


Probe posts on 2009-10-29, 2009-11-24, and 2009-12-27 had no effect.

According to Google's archive the last three approved message were
sent on 2008-07-05, 2006-11-24, and 2006-05-10, respectively.


comp.infosystems.kiosks	Informational and transactional kiosks. (Moderated)




comp.infosystems.kiosks will be used to discuss kiosks in general
including issues such as prototype development, security, human
factors, hardware, transactional systems, ongoing and/or beginning
kiosk programs, and any other issues relating to kiosks.  This group
is moderated because of the increasingly higher volume of garbage
posts such as MAKE.MONEY.FAST and the GREEN CARD LOTTERY.  The
moderators will do their best to have a fast turnaround on message
posting and all messages that have anything to do with kiosks will be
posted.  The moderators are not there to judge message content but to
avoid garbage-crossposting.

Moderators are Arthur Lee Wilson ( and Anne T.
Gilman (  The address used to moderate the
group will be and the will be
an alias to

This group will also be bidirectionally gatewayed to a mailing list,

Finally, there will be an ftp site for archived messages, etc.

The original RFD for the group was:

Los Alamos National Laboratory is working on a number of projects
involving kiosks.  One such project is the Digital Village, a testbed
for telecommunity infrastructure technologies.  Kiosks will play a
significant role in this testbed.  Our major concerns involving kiosks
are security, human factors, and prototype development.  We would like
to share our information and foster a dialogue on these topics and
issues.  The purpose of this group is to be a clearing house for
information concerning kiosk-based information and transaction
systems.  We are primarily interested in local, state and federal
programs, but discussion would also be encouraged for other endeavors
using kiosks.


comp.infosystems.kiosks is a moderated newsgroup which passed its vote for
creation by 174:32 as reported in news.announce.newgroups on 12 July 1994.


Alexander Bartolich <>


Those who wish to comment on this moderator vacancy investigation should
subscribe to news.groups.proposals and participate in the relevant
threads in that newsgroup.  

To this end, the followup header of this MVI has been set to 

For more information on the MVI process, please see


2009-10-29	First probe post
2010-01-10	Moderator Vacancy Investigation