From Usenet Big-8 Management Board
From: Big-8 Management Board <>
Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups.proposals,,news.groups
Subject: RESULT - proposal to remove defeated (3-3-0-1)
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 13:23:45 EDT
Message-ID: <>

The formal board vote taken on this proposal was 3 in favor,
3 opposed, no abstentions, with one board member not voting.

Prior to the vote, it was agreed that a tie vote would mean
that the proposal was defeated.

Relevant material from the RFD:

Newsgroups Line:		The networked strategy war game Bolo.



Proponent: Big-8 Management Board <>


To allow the discussion of topics and posting of software 
related to the game "Bolo," by Stuart Cheshire, originally 
for the Macintosh. 
Rationale for removal:

The newsgroup seems to be defunct.  The last ontopic thread 
was in February, 2007 and the last ontopic post was 
<> from 22 March 2008.

The board is interested in closing unmoderated groups that 
have, in the past, been used for distribution of binaries.
The charter seems to envisage "posting of software."  The
actual binaries may have been small maps of the game.

The game is not dead.  The latest version was released on 13 
February 2009: <>.  Another
active version is available at <>.

History of the Group: is an unmoderated newsgroup which passed 
its vote for creation by 447:26 as reported in 
news.announce.newgroups on 30 Nov 1993.



* Feedback:

** Mildly opposed to removal

  Robert Uhl
  Message-ID: <>
  Message-ID: <>

** Opposed to removal

  Mark Kramer
  Message-ID: <h23fbc$36v$>
  Bob Noel
  Message-ID: <>
  C.R. Osterwald
  Message-ID: <>
  Igenlode Wordsmith
  Message-ID: <>

  Message-ID: <>
  Message-ID: <>

** Change the charter instead of removing the group
  Helge Nareid
  Message-ID: <>

** Favor removal
  Dave Sill
  Message-ID: <>
  Marty Moleski
  Message-ID: <>

** Not worth the hassle

  Steve Bonine
  Message-ID: <>

History of this RFD:

2009-07-14	RESULT: proposal defeated 
2009-06-25	Removal RFD / Last Call for Comments