From Usenet Big-8 Management Board
From: (Tim Skirvin)
Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups.proposals,news.admin.announce
Subject: Moderator Vacancy Announcement: news.admin.announce
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2009 07:29:34 EDT
Message-ID: <tskirvin.20090418070311$>

                 Moderation Vacancy Announcement (MVA)

This is a formal Moderator Vacancy Announcement (MVA), initiated after the
moderator of the above-listed moderated newsgroup has been found to be 
absent.  The goal of this process is to find a new moderator for the group.


Besides crossposted announcements to the group, the last real traffic
in news.admin.announce was in 2000, and the current moderators (Brian
Edmonds, Dave Sill, and Tim Skirvin) do not see this changing in the near
future.  Rather than just removing it, however, we feel that it may be
appropriate to hand the group off to somebody else rather than simply
remove it.


news.admin.announce was created in 1996 as part of the*
reorganization.  It was intended to offer a forum for general news-admin
related announcements.

A few relevant links:


The Big-8 Management Board has determined that the above listed newsgroup 
needs a new moderator, and has decided to proceed with a Moderator Vacancy
Announcement.  This process is documented here:

In short, the Board plans to either appoint a new moderator, unmoderate 
the newsgroup, or remove the newsgroup entirely. 

The followup header of this post has been set to news.groups.proposals. 
To discuss the issues affecting the group, to propose a new moderator, or
to provide information regarding the current moderator, please respond to
this thread in news.groups.proposals.  If you are interested in the
continued existence of this newsgroup, please also indicate that interest
in the news.groups.proposals.  If you would like to volunteer to moderate
this newsgroup, please post your credentials in response to this message.

For more information on the Big-8 Management Board, please see:


The current charter for the group is at:

The original charter:

    News.admin.announce is a forum for important announcements for news
    administrators.  It is a moderated forum, watched over by a team
    of moderators for added speed.  Possible topics for messages include
    announcements regarding news transport or browsing software, Frequently
    Asked Questions lists, announcements of new EMP cancellers, announcements
    of new cancellation criteria, reports that directly relate to the future
    of Usenet, reports on legal issues that directly affect news
    administrators such as the Communications Decency Act, and so forth.

    News.admin.announce is moderated by a team of moderators.  The moderators
    will approve any message that they feel fits the following criteria:

    1.  The message is an announcement that the moderators feel is important
        for most or all news administrators.
    2.  The message is formatted for 78 or less characters per line, and
        is easily human readable.
    3.  The message is not a binary, nor will it break standard Usenet
    4.  Followups for the message are set appropriately.

    Unapproved posts will be cancelled.  At any time, moderators can be added
    or removed by a majority vote of the then-current moderators.


Tim Skirvin <>


This document has been posted to the following newsgroups:

  news.announce.newgroups (moderated)
  news.groups.proposals (moderated)
  news.admin.announce (moderated)


2009-04-18     MVA