From Usenet Big-8 Management Board
Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups.proposals
Subject: [ADMIN] Big-8 Management Board - Current Membership & Composition
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 18:27:55 EDT
Message-ID: <>

[The following is an official communication from the Big-8 Management 
 Please note that Followup-to is set to news.groups.proposals.]

The Big-8 Management Board now consists of 8 members.  At the expiration 
of his term on April 1st, Doug McLaren chose to step down from the board 
and not run for re-election.  The other incumbents (Tim Skirvin, Kathy 
Morgan, and Jeremy Nixon) whose terms expired April 1 did choose to run 
for re-election and passed their votes, so they are being retained on the
 B8MB.  Current Board membership is:

  Term Expires Oct 1, 2008:
     Thomas Lee
     Marty Moleski
     Dave Sill

  Term Expires April 1, 2009:
     Mark Kramer
     Helge Nareid

  Term Expires Oct 1, 2009:
      Kathy Morgan
     Jeremy Nixon
     Tim Skirvin

Additionally, while Tim Skirvin is remaining on the Board, he has 
resigned as Chairman due to the press of other business and lack of time 
to continue as Chair.  Thank you, Tim, for your generous service as Chair
 and for all the other services you continue to provide to the B8MB.  
You've shown a tremendous past and continuing commitment to improving and
 maintaining Usenet; we really appreciate your dedication and assistance.

Martin Moleski and Kathy Morgan are now serving as Co-Chairs.  We've a 
lot to learn and some kinks to work out in the exchange of the reins, but
 we are working on it.  We apologize for the delays in posting the RESULT
 for comp.lang.c++.misc, sending the control messages, and publishing 
this note.

Marty Moleski & Kathy Morgan, Co-Chairs