From Usenet Big-8 Management Board
From: The Big-8 Management Board <>
Subject: ANNOUNCE: has been created
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Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 13:13:12 -0500

On 22 Jul 2007, the Big-8 Management Board decided to create the unmoderated
group  The group was created on 27 Jul 2007.

For more information on the proposal and history, please refer to the

For your newsgroups file:	A small US town copes after a nationwide nuclear attack.

CHARTER: is an unmoderated group for the discussion
of the television show "Jericho". Topics include discussion of the
individual episodes, speculation as to what the new season will
entail as well as any other general discussion of "Jericho"
related topics

Posters are expected to abide by normal Usenet standards of decorum, and
to ignore articles intended to disrupt the group.  The usual suspects are
prohibited (spam, binaries, direct advertising, etc.)


Bobby N Neal <>


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