From Usenet Big-8 Management Board
From: The Big-8 Management Board <>
Subject: 2nd RFD: remove moderated (LAST CALL FOR COMMENTS)
Newsgroups:, news.announce.newgroups,,,
Followup-To: news.groups.proposals
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2007 11:06:40 -0500

                      REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION (RFD)

This is a formal Request For Discussion (RFD) to remove the moderated


The B8MB plans to begin voting on this proposal after five days.  Please
offer any final discussion or comments before the end of this waiting
period.  Voting may take up to one week (7 days); a result will be posted
following the end of the voting period.

All discussion of this proposal should be posted to news.groups.proposals.

The full group removal procedure is documented here:


No comments were received.


The last approved regular article was in April 2000, with FAQs being
posted until September 2000.  There had been an earlier interruption
that lasted from May 1997 until August 1998.  After the restart,
approvals were typically only 1 or 2 per month.  Traffic in the entire* hierarchy is extremely low, with fewer than
100 articles total in the past 12 months.


The newsgroup was created in November
1994 as part of the creation of the* (RGCD)
hierarchy.  The entire hierarchy, including RGCD.announce,
RGCD.editing,, RGCD.playing, and RGCD.misc were created at
the same time.

Traffic was extremely high for an announcement group with around 3
approved articles per day, with some decline over the next few years.
Approvals were interrupted in May 1997.  Moderation restarted in
August 1998, but approvals other FAQs were light, less than 5 articles
per month.  The last approval of a regular article was in April 2000.
FAQs continued to be posted until September 2000.


This document has been posted to the following newsgroups:



The newsgroup line is:	Info/FAQs/reviews about DOOM.

The charter (extracted from the CFV):

The sort of postings likely to be to be approved by the moderator are
general announcements that are interesting to the broad spectrum of
DOOM players.  Examples of these types of articles are:

   - Anything from id Software
   - New PWAD and LMP announcements
   - Announcements of new versions of utilities like DEU and DEHACKED
   - Tourney announcements
   - FTP site news (downtime, user limits, etc)
   - FAQs and similarly informative documents
   - Reviews of user-written PWADs


Jim Riley <>


2007-04-04     1st RFD
2007-04-17     2nd RFD/LCC