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Subject: RESULT: news.admin.moderation will be created
From: The Big-8 Management Board <>
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 02:40:33 +0000 (UTC)
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                 news.admin.moderation will be created

The Last Call for Comments on 24 Mar 2007 initiated a five-day period for
final comments.  Following this comment period, the Big-8 Management Board
has decided by consensus to create the newsgroup news.admin.moderation.

This group will be created on 04 Apr 2007.

NEWSGROUPS LINE: news.admin.moderation

news.admin.moderation	Technical and social issues of newsgroup moderation. (Moderated)


news.admin.moderation is a moderated newsgroup for discussion of newsgroup
moderation.  Some suitable topics for discussion include:

  * how to be a good moderator
  * moderation "best practices" - for example, how/whether articles should
    be edited before approval; should articles be re-directed to other
    newsgroups; how should article rejections be handled
  * developing appropriate moderation policies and implementations
  * methods for filling vacancies in a moderation team
  * moderation software and moderation hosting services
  * whether moderation is appropriate for a specific topic
  * what to do if the moderator of a group you use disappears, and other
    problems with specific moderated groups
  * whether it would be appropriate to propose demoderating a specific
    group (the actual proposal, if made, would be to the appropriate
    configuration newsgroup)

Unsuitable topics include:

  * discussion of moderation of web forums, mail lists, etc, except in
    as much as they pertain to newsgroup moderation
  * actual proposals for a new moderated newsgroup (such discussion
    should occur in news.groups.proposals or other configuration
  * "moderation in general: good or bad?"
  * flames, attacks and derogatory comments or nicknames

Minimal crossposts may be allowed at the discretion of the moderators.

MODERATION POLICY: news.admin.moderation

news.admin.moderation is team-moderated, based on the above criteria.
Ideally, most posts will be automatically approved by a robot moderator,
to improve post turnaround time and reduce moderator load.

Users will be added to a group whitelist after a small number (typically
1-5) of hand-moderated posts.  Users may be removed from the whitelist at
the discretion of the moderators.  Site and subject watchlists and
blocklists may be implemented to monitor group content and to stop
forgers and abuse; posts so marked will (generally) be kept for manual
approval, and not automatically rejected.

A current list of posting criteria will be published regularly.

Posting with a non-replyable or "munged" address is strongly discouraged.
If you feel that you must use a munged address, you are encouraged to
append ".invalid" to the end of the munged email address to indicate
that the address is not deliverable even when ".invalid" is stripped from
the end; in any case, the moderators will not attempt to unmunge any
addresses.  Users who do not munge their email address will be notified of
rejected submissions via email.  Note that submissions may be filtered to
remove spam, spews, and other attacks.

MODERATOR INFO: news.admin.moderation

Lead Moderator:           Nigel Sixsmith <>
Technical Moderator:      Tim Skirvin <>
Moderator:                Kevin A. Cannon <>
Moderator:                Marcel Beaudoin <>
Moderator:                Charles Calvert <>
Backup Moderator:         Steve Bonine <>
Backup Moderator:         Vito Kuhn <>
Backup Moderator:         Doug Freyburger <>
Backup Moderator:         Nancy Leitner <>
Advisory Moderator:       Kathy Morgan <>

If the moderation team decides that more members are needed, they may
post an invitation for new volunteers.  New members must be approved by
simple majority vote of the current moderation team. A member of the
moderation panel may be expelled by 2/3 majority vote of the other team

Article Submissions:
Administrative Contact:


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Tim Skirvin <>


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