From Usenet Big-8 Management Board
From: The Big-8 Management Board <>
Subject: 2nd RFD: remove moderated (LAST CALL FOR COMMENTS)
Newsgroups:, news.announce.newgroups,
Followup-To: news.groups.proposals
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007 16:04:43 -0500

                      REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION (RFD)

This is a formal Request For Discussion (RFD) to remove the moderated


The B8MB plans to begin voting on this proposal after five days.  Please
offer any final discussion or comments before the end of this waiting
period.  Voting may take up to one week (7 days); a result will be posted
following the end of the voting period.

All discussion of this proposal should be posted to news.groups.proposals.

The full group removal procedure is documented here:


Most discussion was about the cross-posting of the 1st RFD to and misc.entrepreneur.moderated without the
foreknowledge or consent of the moderator(s) of those groups.

To the best of my knowledge, it was the policy and practice of Russ
Allbery when he was moderator of news.announce.newgroups, to
explicitly ask permission of the moderators of cross-posted groups
before he would approve an RFD cross-posted to those groups.  If he
could not secure that approval, he would make a separate copy of the
RFD and make it a stand-alone submission to the other moderated group,
with its disposal left to the discretion of the moderators.

It should be noted that I do not regard moderated groups in which no
approvals have been made in several years to have a moderator, so I
shall continue to post removal RFD's to groups proposed for removal.

I have made and misc.entrepreneurs.moderated
pointer groups for this 2nd RFD.

There was no discussion about the substance of the proposal regarding
the removal of  The moderator of did note that discussion of business credit
was appropriate for that group.


The last approved message was in September 1999.  There had been
roughly 5 approved threads per month for the first three years of the
newsgroup (October 1995 to September 1996).  For the final year, there
was typically only 1 or 2 approvals per month.

Alternatives include:

(1) Assign a new moderator.

(2) Convert the newsgroup to unmoderated status.  I do not believe
that group with "business" in its name can function as an unmoderated
newsgroup (see, the only unmoderated* Newsgroup).

(3) Remove the newsgroup.  Discussion of business credit may (continue
to) occur in groups such as or


The newsgroup was created in October 1995.
Approved threads were around 5 per month for the first 3 years of its
existence.  In the last year, there were typically 1 to 2 approvals
per month.  The last approval was in September 1999.


This document has been posted to the following newsgroups:


The proponent will also post pointers to: (moderated)
  misc.entrepreneurs.moderated (moderated)


The newsgroup line is:	Domestic and international business credit.

The charter (extracted from the CFV):

The proposed moderated newsgroup will be opened
for discussion on all aspects of business credit.  Business credit
refers to but is not limited to:

A. Credit extended by a business to a business.

B. Money loaned by a bank, finance company or lending institution to
   a business.

C. Equipment leased by a leasing company to a business.

D. Domestic and international business credit


Jim Riley <>


2007-03-10     1st RFD
2007-03-28     2nd RFD/LCC