From Usenet Big-8 Management Board
From: The Big-8 Management Board <>
Subject: RFD: remove rec.arts.disney.announce moderated (LAST CALL FOR COMMENTS)
Newsgroups: rec.arts.disney.parks, news.announce.newgroups,
 rec.arts.disney.announce, news.groups.proposals, rec.arts.disney.misc
Followup-To: news.groups.proposals
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2007 15:36:11 -0600

                      REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION (RFD)
                    remove rec.arts.disney.announce

This is a formal Request For Discussion (RFD) to remove the moderated
newsgroup rec.arts.disney.announce.


The B8MB plans to begin voting on this proposal after five days.  Please
offer any final discussion or comments before the end of this waiting
period.  Voting may take up to one week (7 days); a result will be posted
following the end of the voting period.

All discussion of this proposal should be posted to news.groups.proposals.

The full group removal procedure is documented here:


No comments were received.

RATIONALE: remove rec.arts.disney.announce

The newsgroup rec.arts.disney.announce has not had any approved
messages, other than auto-posted FAQ's, since September 1998.  During
the last few months of its existence, approvals (excluding FAQ's) had
declined from 34 in the first quarter of 1998, to 13 in the 2nd
quarter; to 3 in the 3rd quarter.

Near the end of its active period, there were a couple on inquiries
about the whereabouts of the moderators.  However, most mentions of
the announce group were in reference to the topic guidelines contained
in the autoposted FAQ's.

As an announcement group, it would not be appropriate to convert the
group to an unmoderated status.


The newsgroup rec.arts.disney.announce was created in July 1995 as
part of the re-organization of the rec.arts.disney.* (RAD)
sub-hierarchy.  In addition to RAD.announce, RAD.animation,
RAD.merchandise, and RAD.parks were created.  In addtion,
rec.arts.disney was renamed to RAD.misc.

Approvals in RAD.announce were roughly 5 per week until the last few
months.  The last approval was in September 1998.  Auto-posted FAQ's
continued to be approved until 1999.


This document has been posted to the following newsgroups:


The proponent will also post pointers to:



The newsgroup line is:

rec.arts.disney.announce	FAQs, lists, info, announcements.

The charter (extracted from the r.a.d.announce posting guidelines):

Articles that can be posted to r.a.d.a fall into the following broad
  - Frequently Asked Questions lists, no matter how small or obscure,
    as long as they are related to Disney.
  - Periodic postings of all shapes and sizes, for example, resource
    guides, reference material, ongoing polls, monthly newsletters.
  - Articles deemed of significant interest to most of the
    rec.arts.disney.* hierarchy, such as announcements of new
    releases, fleshmeets, product recalls, . . .

The following subject lines are typical of r.a.d.a:

  - [FAQ/PARKS] rec.arts.disney.parks Frequently Asked Questions list
  - [LIST/INET] Disney FTP and WWW sites
  - [VIDEO/ANIM] Cinderella video rerelease
  - [FAQ/FDC] Future Disney Cabinet Frequently Asked Questions list
  - [PER/POLL] Disney Rate Poll results
  - [TV/USA] New Disney Afternoon series commences Monday
  - [XREF/IMAGE] Network Artist picture(s) have been posted
  - [HOWTO/FDCMUCK] Obtaining an FDCMuck guest passport
  - [EVENT/AUST] Disney fleshmeet in Sydney
  - [LIST/MERCH] Disney stores list
  - [MISC/COMP] Mara font release


Jim Riley <>


2007-02-15     1st RFD
2007-02-26     2nd RFD/LCC