From Usenet Big-8 Management Board
From: Jim Riley <>
Subject: RFD: remove 
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Followup-To: news.groups
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 11:17:18 -0700

                      REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION (RFD)

This is a formal Request For Discussion (RFD) to remove the 


There have been no approved messages since December 1995.  The
newsgroup was a gateway for the info-ibmpc mailing list, and I can
find no evidence of the existence of the mailing list after December

Discussion of the IBM PC can occur in any number of groups in the* hierarchy, as well as various hierarchies devoted to
operating systems that run on the IBM PC (or clones), including
comp.os.msdos.*,*, and comp.os.os2.*.


The newsgroup was created in October 1985 as a
gateway for the ARPAnet mailing list INFO-IBMPC.  The mailing list was
then in its 4th year.  The group was renamed to
as part of the Great Renaming in April 1987.

Despite various hiccups with gateways, archives, and editor moves, the
mailing list continued to be posted to the newsgroup until December
1995.  I can find nothing that indicates what happened to the mailing
list or the newsgroup after this point.


The full (draft) group removal procedure is documented here:

Those who wish to comment on this request to remove this newsgroup should
subscribe to news.groups and participate in the relevant threads in that

To this end, the followup header of this RFD has been set to news.groups.

All discussion of active proposals should be posted to news.groups.

If desired by the readership of closely affected groups, the discussion
may be crossposted to those groups, but care must be taken to ensure that
all discussion appears in news.groups as well.


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Jim Riley <>


2006-09-21     1st RFD