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Subject: RESULT: talk.current-events will be created
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Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 13:51:58 -0700

                  talk.current-events will be created

The Last Call for Comments (LCC) on 12 Sep 2006 initiated a five-day period
for final comments.  Following this comment period, the Big-8 Management
Board has decided by consensus to create the moderated group

The group will be created on 25 Sep 2006.

NEWSGROUPS LINE: talk.current-events

talk.current-events	Major news events of worldwide interest. (Moderated)


talk.current-events is a lightly-moderated newsgroup to discuss the world
events of the day.  Discussion should not be restricted to that which
is currently being discussed in the news media; instead, journalism by the
users of the group is encouraged.  Discussion is also not restricted to
events in the United States, or any other specific country.

Copyright violations (especially reprints of news articles) are explicitly
banned; repeat offenders will be blacklisted from the group.  Instead,
users are encouraged to just offer URLs, or short excerpts from the articles.

The topics of Permanent Floating Flamewars are off topic unless they
involve discussion of substantial current events.  As an example,
discussion of gun control is off topic unless discussion involves
proposed legislation, a major crime involving guns, court challeneges
to existing gun laws, or similar substantial current events.

The moderation team maintains and publishes a list of groups to which
crossposts are allowed (the "crossposting whitelist"); this list
specifically excludes *.politics.* and other purely-political newsgroups.

In the event of a major world event with long-lasting repercussions, the
moderators of talk.current-events may work with the administrators of the
Big-8 Hierarchies to create additional short- or long-term groups in the
talk.current-events.* hierarchy, on short notice and outside of the standard
newsgroup creation process - for example talk.current-events.katrina to
discuss the events of August 2005.

MODERATION POLICY: talk.current-events

talk.current-events is a robo-moderated newsgroup.  The 'bot will enforce
the following policies:

  * Articles may be crossposted to no more than four groups, all of which
    must be on the crossposting whitelist (as described in the charter).

  * Followups must be set to no more than two groups, all of which must be
    on the crossposting whitelist.  If followups are not set and the
    message is crossposted to more than two groups, then the 'bot will set
    followups to just talk.current-events.

  * Postings should be formatted within 80 characters in width (limiting
    your lines to 76 characters is recommended).

  * Postings must be in plain text.  In particular no HTML or mixed text
    and HTML posts will be allowed, nor will binary messages (with the
    exception of small cryptographic signatures, such as GPG or S/MIME).

  * Mail address and thread blacklisting may be implemented at the
    discretion of the moderators; in addition, a number of anti-spam
    filters will be applied to all submissions.

  * Posting with a non-replyable/munged address is discouraged. Posters who
    feel that they must use a munged address are encouraged to append
    ".invalid" to the end of the email address, to indicate that the address
    is not deliverable.

Rejected posts will be returned to the poster with an explanation of what
problems were encountered.

MODERATOR INFO: talk.current-events

Technical Moderator:      Tim Skirvin <>
Moderator:                Dave Sill <>
Moderator:                Kathy Morgan <>
Moderator:                edward ohare <>

Article Submissions:
Administrative Contact:



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