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Subject: ANNOUNCE: has been created
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Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 13:12:10 -0700

On 13 Aug 2006, the Big-8 Management Board voted to create the newsgroup  The group was created on 18 May 2006, with
the newgroup message <cmsg-20060818200001$>.  For more
information on the proposal and history, please refer to the archives:

For your newsgroups file:	Living with visual impairment or blindness.

CHARTER: is an unmoderated Usenet newsgroup for
discussion of the personal and social effects of visual impairment on
people whose impaired vision has a significant impact on their ability
to handle day-to-day tasks.

The group is open to anyone who has a genuine interest in visual
impairment, including the fully sighted.

Blind/vi people, their families, friends, caregivers, teachers, and
professionals in the field are especially encouraged to read and post to
the group, to share experiences and exchange ideas on how to cope with
impaired vision.

Topics include: learning how to get around in the dark; using your other
senses to compensate for vision loss; utilizing resources on and off the
net; learning to cook and do household tasks; selecting and using
various types of vision aids (both hi-tech and low-tech); selecting and
using special hardware and software designed for the vision impaired.

All types of vision impairment are on topic in this group, regardless of
the underlying cause.  Whether a person was born blind or lost his
vision in an accident or due to a medical condition is immaterial.  This
group focuses on coping with the vision loss, not necessarily on the
underlying cause.

Posters are expected to abide by normal Usenet standards of conduct and
to ignore articles intended to disrupt the group.

The usual suspects are prohibited - spam, binaries, html, direct
advertising, etc.



Henrietta K Thomas <>


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