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From: (The Big-8 Management Board)
Subject: RESULT: comp.sources.x will be removed
Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups, news.groups, comp.sources.x,
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Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 08:06:53 -0700

                     comp.sources.x will be removed

The Big-8 Management Board has decided by consensus to remove the newsgroup
comp.sources.x.  Voting began on 11 Jul 2006, and ended on 12 Jul 2006.

This group will be removed on 17 Jul 2006.

RATIONALE: remove comp.sources.x

The last approved message was in March 1995.

There are other more suitable means of distributing program sources,
so comp.sources.x is not a suitable candidate for conversion to an
unmoderated newsgroup.


The newsgroup comp.sources.x was created in August 1988, with the first
approved message in August 1988.  The charter (from the initial welcome
message posted to the group) was:

  Welcome to comp.sources.x.  This group is intended for software that
  runs only on X.  I have talked with the moderators of comp.sources.unix
  and and we agree that if the software is of interest
  to people that don't use X it should be posted to one of those groups.
  If I determine that a posting should be handled in another group, I will
  forward it to the moderator and inform the poster.


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2006-07-06     2nd RFD (Last Call for Comments)
2006-06-26     RFD posted
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