From Usenet Big-8 Management Board
From: Vito Kuhn <>
Subject: RESULT: comp.lang.prograph will be removed.
Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups, news.groups, comp.lang.prograph
Followup-To: news.groups
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2006 20:45:32 -0700

                       remove comp.lang.prograph

The Big-8 Management Board has decided by consensus to remove the
newsgroup comp.lang.prograph.  Voting began on 17 Jun 2006, and ended on
18 Jun 2006.

This group will be removed on 20 Jun 2006.

RATIONALE: comp.lang.prograph

This newsgroup hasn't seen any significant traffic in years.  In the past
12 months alone, the group didn't even see ONE on-topic post.

Scan results from :

It's clear that comp.lang.prograph is an ideal candidate for removal.

EXISTING CHARTER: comp.lang.prograph

Any and all discussion about Prograph, a unique visual object-oriented
dataflow programming language.

What is Prograph?: Prograph is a complete programming language and
environment that uses visual elements to describe objects and
functions -- there is no textual syntax -- and it has its own
interpreter and compiler.  After over five years of availability on
the Apple Macintosh, Prograph is moving cross-platform with versions
for Windows and several Unices currently in testing.  The most recent
version of Prograph, Prograph CPX, contains a cross-platform
application framework class library and high-level GUI builder.
Prograph will also have the ability to generate C++ code which will be
compilable under gcc linked to a set of compatibility classes on a
wide variety of platforms.

What about Prograph Source Code?: Prograph source code should not be
loaded onto the usenet system, as it tends to be large.  Instead,
there is a Prograph file archive maintained at in the
info-prograph directory where files can be uploaded and downloaded via
anonymous ftp.  For those without ftp access, an info-prograph-sources
mailing list can be established.  alt.sources.mac also lists Prograph
code as one of its legal posting types.


NOTE: This group was originally gated to a mail list when it was created
in 1994: Info-Prograph  <>


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Vito Kuhn <>


2006-06-18      Result completed.
2006-06-06      LCC prepared.
2006-05-31      RFD prepared for posting.
2006-05-25      RFD prepared by Vito Kuhn.