From Usenet Big-8 Management Board
  • Administration
  • Infrastructure
    • Mail server
      • RL still to look into some NGP submission notifications still going to our Junk folder.
      • RL still to work on getting the webmail and admin front-ends working again.
  • Software
    • TM pinged Russ again regarding funding work on (for example) INN, but still no response. Todd wrote back to suggest having a student "research the prior processes to update/replace NNTP... the Henry Spencer version, the later 'son-of-1036' discussions, etc."
    • TM replied to Wayne Mery, Community Manager at Thunderbird, to ask about the release roadmap and when it would be appropriate to discuss our proposal. No response yet.
    • TM and RL have been corresponding with Varun to help him get set up with (Web)STUMP. TM invited Varun to meet after today's Board meeting.
  • Misc
    • Meeting on 2024-06-28 cancelled due to TM's unavailability.