From Usenet Big-8 Management Board
  • Administration
  • Infrastructure
    • Mail server
      • RL still to look into some NGP submission notifications still going to our Junk folder.
      • RL still to work on getting the webmail and admin front-ends working again.
  • Software
    • PyModerator: RL has continued to make some progress with development.
    • TM still to review the information regarding employing student assistants with OTF IFF funding (probably today).
    • TM has polled everyone (Varun, Greg, Edward, Rayner) for a meeting time in the next two weeks and will schedule it once everyone responds.
  • Publicity
    • TM drafted abstracts for two paper presentations at Born-Digital Collections, Archives and Memory, one with RL and one with a colleague at the UM Faculty of Law. RL agreed with the wording and division and coverage of topics. TM sent the abstracts to Avery Dame-Griff, who had indicated interest in contributing a third paper presentation, which would allow us to propose an entire Usenet-themed panel session at the conference. TM will continue to coordinate the submission.
  • TM attended LibrePlanet 2024 and reports that Tomat0's presentation "Why not just become luddites?: The politics of technology" referred to the Board's talk at LibrePlanet 2023. TM will post a link to the recording of the presentation if/when it becomes available.