From Usenet Big-8 Management Board
  • Administration
    • comp.sys.wearables comp.sys.wearables on Google Groups
      • RL to ping Greg Pfeil as necessary.
    • comp.protocols.dns.bind comp.protocols.dns.bind on Google Groups
      • Dan Mahoney, the mailing list administrator, replied to RL confirming that the news gateway broke a while ago, but he's not sure why. He says the list will be moving to new mailing list software and is not sure whether it will support the news gateway. He would like to find a solution that preserves the gateway and is investigating this.
    • Removal of rec.radio.broadcasting rec.radio.broadcasting on Google Groups
      • RL's to ping the volunteer moderator as necessary.
    • Moderation status of news.admin.technical news.admin.technical on Google Groups
      • No further responses to the MVI. TM to approach Ivo Gandolfo, who volunteered to assume moderatorship.
    • Proposal to revitalize comp.os.plan9 comp.os.plan9 on Google Groups
      • No further responses to the discussion on news.admin.moderation news.admin.moderation on Google Groups re demoderation. RL to ask the volunteer moderator whether, given the risk of some servers not honouring a change in moderator status, they're prepared to assume moderatorship.
  • Infrastructure
    • Mail server
      • RL still to work on getting the webmail and admin front-ends working again.
  • Software
    • RL has e-mailed his changes to PyModerator and is awaiting a response from the maintainers.