From Usenet Big-8 Management Board
  • Administration
    • comp.sys.wearables comp.sys.wearables on Google Groups
      • The Board received an e-mail report that this moderated group is not working. RL contacted the moderator, Greg Pfeil, who indicated that he intends to continue moderating the group. RL has been helping him on technical issues.
    • comp.protocols.dns.bind comp.protocols.dns.bind on Google Groups
      • The Board received an e-mail report that posts to this moderated group from its established mail-to-news gateway have not been showing up since 2020. It's not clear whether the problem is with the moderation system for the newsgroup (e.g., failing to approve and post the e-mails it receives) or with the mail-to-news gateway system (e.g., failing to forward the e-mails to the moderation system). RL has e-mailed the mailing list administrator and is awaiting a response.
    • Removal of rec.radio.broadcasting rec.radio.broadcasting on Google Groups
      • RL's discussions with the volunteer moderator have resumed and are ongoing.
    • Moderation status of news.admin.technical news.admin.technical on Google Groups
    • Proposal to revitalize comp.os.plan9 comp.os.plan9 on Google Groups
  • Infrastructure
    • Mail server
      • RL still to work on getting the webmail and admin front-ends working again.
  • Finances
    • TM reported that the Open Collective Foundation collective will be dissolving, and stressed that this does not affect the Board as our finances are hosted by the independent Open Collective Europe.
  • Software
    • RL has been investigating PyModerator, a moderation software application that we list at Moderated Newsgroups#Moderation Software. The software has not been updated in 20 years, but RL was able to modify it to run with Python 2. RL considers that it would be good to have this software available as an alternative to STUMP, particularly since PyModerator will run in any environment that runs Python, including Microsoft Windows. RL will try submitting his changes upstream.
  • Misc
    • The Board received an e-mail from an enquirer with various comments and suggestions on reforming Usenet. The meeting discussed the e-mail and observed that much of it addresses aspects of Usenet not in the Board's purview.