From Usenet Big-8 Management Board
  • Administration
    • Moderator volunteer for soc.history.war.world-war-ii soc.history.war.world-war-ii on Google Groups
      • The Board had offered to announce the new moderator; Bixby has confirmed that this can now go ahead, since the moderation system is working. TM to post this announcement in the same venues as the MVI.
    • Removal of rec.radio.broadcasting rec.radio.broadcasting on Google Groups
      • TM posted the LCC on 2024-10-15. Voting period will be from 2024-01-20 to 2024-01-27.
    • news.admin.technical news.admin.technical on Google Groups
      • Marco Moock wrote to report that the moderation system for this group is not working, and that the old moderator told him that moderation had been transferred to the Board. TM investigated and found no record of such a transfer. TM to contact the last known moderator to confirm the current situation with the group.
    • rec.games.mecha rec.games.mecha on Google Groups
      • The Board received an e-mail indicating that posts to this moderated group are not showing up. TM responded, advising the enquirer to contact the moderator directly, and if that doesn't work (or if the moderator responds to indicate that he is no longer willing or able to moderate the group), to get back to us.
  • Misc
    • Salahuddin has written further concerning his new moderation tool. TM to respond.
    • TM will continue to handle any e-mail correspondence.