From Usenet Big-8 Management Board
  • Administration
    • news.newusers.questions news.newusers.questions on Google Groups and news.announce.newusers news.announce.newusers on Google Groups
      • RL has finished setting up the moderation system for these groups and will post to them an announcement that we are the new moderators.
      • Revision and wikification of the FAQs still TBD
    • soc.history.war.world-war-ii soc.history.war.world-war-ii on Google Groups
      • The moderator reports further progress on the moderation system.
    • rec.radio.broadcasting rec.radio.broadcasting on Google Groups
      • TM has reviewed the past correspondence with PS on this and has concluded that it would not make sense to issue an MVI before a group removal RFD. TM has prepared such an RFD and will send it to RL and PS for review.
  • Infrastructure
    • Procmail
      • RL has identified the cause of the filtering issue previously reported for comp.ai comp.ai on Google Groups and will apply a fix.
      • RL noted that the procmailrc file was previously under revision control with RCS, and so restored this. The meeting agreed that this file, and the other scripts we use, should be migrated to Git.
    • Mail server
      • TM had reported that the mail server was sending daily error reports by e-mail about not being able to stop a certain service (since the required version is not running on the server in the first place). RL updated the configuration so that it looks instead for the version that is installed; however, this now results in different error reports. RL to investigate further.
  • (Web)STUMP
    • TM: No update yet on GPG signing best practices on Savannah
  • Publicity
  • Misc