From Usenet Big-8 Management Board
  • Administration
    • RFD for comp.lang.go
      • Proponent has confirmed final wording of the RFD and RL has posted the LCC. TM to publicize the LCC in the usual channels. Board to vote on the RFD at its meeting on 29 September. RL to inform JE about the vote.
    • Moderator volunteer for soc.history.war.world-war-ii soc.history.war.world-war-ii on Google Groups
      • Volunteer has confirmed that they have the technical and procedural knowledge to moderate the group, and has agreed to RL's suggestion that the Board issue an MVI that proposes them as moderator. RL to ask the volunteer how they want to be identified in the MVI.
    • news.newusers.questions news.newusers.questions on Google Groups and news.announce.newusers news.announce.newusers on Google Groups: RL to get Kathy Morgan's explicit permission for the Board to take over moderation of these groups. RL to then proceed with adding them to the Board's (Web)STUMP instance and announcing the change in moderatorship.
  • Infrastructure
    • Mail server SSL certificate: RL has not yet looked into this but will do so
    • Board meeting invitations to JE were bouncing due to an expired domain name. JE seems to have updated his big-8.org e-mail forwarder so TM has updated the invitation to use that address rather than JE's actual address.
    • RL has fixed various links on the wiki and made some updates to News service providers.
  • (Web)STUMP
    • TM: No update yet on GPG signing best practices on Savannah
  • Publicity
    • LibrePlanet 2024: No progress yet but the Board will continue to consider ideas for a session proposal
  • Misc
    • TM unsure if he can make the meetings on 20 and 27 October. TM will inform RL at least the day before if he's unable to attend.