From Usenet Big-8 Management Board
  • Administration
    • RFD for comp.lang.go
      • RL has been corresponding with the proponent and is now awaiting final confirmation on the RFD before voting. TM to remind the proponent that we are awaiting confirmation.
    • soc.history.war.world-war-ii soc.history.war.world-war-ii on Google Groups
      • Russ Allbery forwarded a message from someone volunteering to take over moderatorship. TM to respond.
    • news.newusers.questions news.newusers.questions on Google Groups and news.announce.newusers news.announce.newusers on Google Groups
      • The Board received an inquiry on the status of these defunct moderated groups. The Board had previously sought replacement moderators in April and May of 2022 but did not receive any volunteers. The meeting agreed that the Board itself would take over moderatorship of the groups. RL to add the groups to our (Web)STUMP installation.
  • Infrastructure
    • The Board's mail server's Let's Encrypt certificate has failed to renew. RL to rectify this.
  • (Web)STUMP
    • TM: No update yet on GPG signing best practices on Savannah. Agreed to defer.
  • Publicity
  • Misc
    • Open Collective payment processing fees will increase on 1 October 2023: card processing fees will increase from 6% to 8%, and bank transfer fees will increase from 8% to 10%.