From Usenet Big-8 Management Board

Present: TM, RL

  • Administration
    • comp.dcom.telecom comp.dcom.telecom on Google Groups moderator change announcement
      • RL has sent best wishes on behalf of the Board to Bill Horne but has not yet contacted the new moderator with our offer to publicize the change in moderatorship
    • RFD on Go programming language group
      • TM has posted a reply to the RFD reminding the proponent about possible next steps
  • Infrastructure
  • TM: Web server VPS has been upgraded to a current LTS release. This was necessary in order to upgrade MediaWiki.
  • TM: MediaWiki has been upgraded to a current LTS release. Some extensions and skins still need upgrades.
  • Publicity
    • RL: Usenet gateway wiki documentation has been updated and linked