From Usenet Big-8 Management Board

Present: TM, RL

  • Website
    • E-mail from Bill Horne reporting some broken links to landfield.com on our wiki. RL volunteered to fix the broken links and to reply to Bill Horne.
  • Administration
    • E-mail from Salahuddin, moderator of comp.os.linux.announce comp.os.linux.announce on Google Groups, confirming that he's applied RL's patch to STUMP fixing the PGP issue. Salahuddin also reports that he's published a blog post that provides instructions on how to get started with Usenet. TM to reply to Salahuddin and also follow up to the news.groups news.groups on Google Groups thread where the comp.os.linux.announce comp.os.linux.announce on Google Groups posting problem was first raised.
  • Misc
    • Ongoing correspondence with Julien Élie of the fr.* hierarchy on their approach to dealing with dead moderated groups: Julien's decision to "unmoderate" these groups (via control message, not by robomoderation) was made after an analysis of path headers in recent posts to fr.*; the most frequently used hosts have been verified to correctly honour control articles for fr.*. The meeting noted that this information might inform the Board's future approach to dealing with dead moderated groups.
    • E-mail from Liam Proven, via JE, notifying us of a brief mention of the Board in Liam's latest article in The Register: "Why you might want an email client in the era of webmail". TM to follow up with Liam.
    • Reminder: No Board meeting next week due to TM's absence.