From Usenet Big-8 Management Board

Present: TM, RL

  • Administration/STUMP
    • Update on report in news.groups news.groups on Google Groups about empty e-mail in response to submission to comp.os.linux.announce comp.os.linux.announce on Google Groups
      • Salahuddin has forwarded information showing that STUMP is rejecting PGP-signed messages for which it does not have the public key to verify the signature. According to TM's tests with comp.ai comp.ai on Google Groups, this seems to be by design, though Salahuddin's instance should not be sending blank rejection messages. Salahuddin's logs also indicate a sed error, which may be the cause of the problem. TM advised him to disable PGP signature checks for the time being. RL to investigate further.
  • Infrastructure
    • RL reports that the mail.big-8.org webmail/admin pages were broken again because mailinabox updated itself, so he's waved the appropriate dead chicken over it and now it works again.