From Usenet Big-8 Management Board

Present: RL, JE, TM

  • Publicity
    • JE has submitted a lightning talk on Usenet archiving to the openSUSE Conference 2022; possibility of doing another longer session also.
    • JE intends to ask the openSUSE Conference organizer for advice on conference organization for our possible future conference
    • TM discussed the possibility of getting funding for our conference
  • Infrastructure
    • Regarding the SpamCop issue discussed last week, TM established that the message in question, a submission to news.announce.newgroups, was indeed automatically reported to SpamCop from our Panix account, probably via STUMP or a procmail script. According to JK's report to us, it was the zaccari.net moderation relay server that was mistakenly blacklisted as a result of the SpamCop report. TM gained access to the Board's SpamCop account and verified that zaccari.net was already whitelisted in the Mailhosts configuration. On the assumption that the zaccari.net configuration had changed since the Mailhosts configuration was initially set up, he had SpamCop send a new tracking message to the news.announce.newgroups submission address in order to update the Mailhosts configuration for zaccari.net (and any other whitelistable relays). TM to respond to JK and the operator of zaccari.net explaining this and asking if they're satisfied that we can re-enable SpamCop auto-reporting.
  • (Web)STUMP
    • RL has reviewed Owen's latest contributions and is prepared to approve most of them. Pending a discussion with Owen, he may defer approval of a large patchset that effectively unifies STUMP and WebSTUMP.