From Usenet Big-8 Management Board

Present: TM, JE, RL

  • Publicity
    • Reddit AMA
      • Agreed to schedule for next Friday from 21:00 to 22:00 CEST.
      • Agreed to keep in touch on Jitsi during meeting to coordinate who is answering which questions. Video call to start at 20:45 CEST.
      • JE to advertise on news.groups, alt.fan.usenet alt.fan.usenet on Google Groups, and r/Usenet
      • RL to advertise on Twitter
      • TM to advertise on Facebook
      • TM to produce advertising blurb.
    • Open Collective Newsletter
    • Open Collective merchandise options
      • JE reported he couldn't find the merchandising page we discussed before. But it should be possible to use any company for T-shirts, etc.
      • JE reported that direct PayPal payments to our Open Collective are complicated/expensive as the system is in beta; it would be better to find a company that would pay directly into our European Open Collective account. JE to try to find one that does SEPA payments.
  • Administration
    • Dead groups survey/removal
      • JE: Report on past procedure/policy pending
  • Infrastructure
    • RL reported that our PGPMoose setup on Panix has warned us that our own "List of Big Eight Newsgroups" post on news.announce.newgroups is a "possible forgery" due to an incorrectly formed X-Auth header, and that this appears to be a recurrence of the problem we discussed from 21–27 September 2020. RL wrote to Russ Allbery but has received no response yet; will write to Todd now.
    • TM reported on Paul Schleck's suggestions on news.groups news.groups on Google Groups about the Board's activity.
    • Paul also wrote by e-mail to alert us to a problem with news propagation on Panix from 7 to 12 May. This explains the delay in the Board's recent announcement to news.announce.newgroups.
    • Paul also alerted to us to an offer by Panix of resources for STUMP development.
    • TM to reply to Paul and to write to Panix asking for details.
    • RL wrote to the uk.* folks regarding the STUMP fork and is awaiting a response
  • Misc
    • JE: no response from Ronda Hauben