From Usenet Big-8 Management Board

Present: TM, JE

  • Publicity
    • JE's report on hosting an AMA on Reddit:
      • All we need to do is start a new thread and then publicize it (elsewhere on Reddit/Internet)
      • Can't have more than one account answering questions
      • Defer scheduling until we get RL's input
    • TM reported that he posted the announcement on the Board's finances to s7apv9$1ve$1@dont-email.me View article on Google Groups, Nan:2021-05-10-board-finances, Twitter, and Facebook.
    • TM recalled that in our meeting with Pia of Open Collective, she offered to do some sort of a write-up on us for the Open Collective newsletter. JE to e-mail her to take her up on this offer.
    • The meeting discussed whether to post our press release to Slashdot; agreed to defer consideration of this until after we hear back from Pia.
    • JE still to check on Open Collective merchandise options
  • Administration
    • No further response from Geoff Wood regarding the PCDAW proposal; agreed to defer the matter indefinitely.
    • Big-8 signing key update
      • JE heard back from Julian via news.software.nntp news.software.nntp on Google Groups that the new experimental key seems to be working, but that they want to continue testing it a while longer
    • Dead groups survey/removal
      • JE had previously reported no response to a public consultation, though it seems there has now been some pushback. JE still looking into the actual procedure that was used last time.
  • Infrastructure
    • JE reported that (Web)STUMP documentation restructuring/conversion to Texinfo is still underway.
  • Misc
    • The meeting reviewed the Board's open tasks and agreed to revisit the list once RL was present
    • JE: No response yet from Ronda Hauben.