From Usenet Big-8 Management Board

Present: TM, RL, JE

  • Administration
    • JE was unable to draft the Open Collective announcement/budget; will do so before next meeting
  • Misc
    • JE received an e-mail from Ronda Hauben (co-author of Netizens) who is interested in the Board's work. Agreed that JE would invite her to meet us, possibly during one of our regular meetings.
  • Outstanding issues:
    • PC audio group RfD: JE to follow up
    • STUMP development: RL/TM to possibly revisit next week
    • Task forces: TM to follow up
  • Next meeting
    • TM said he wouldn't be able to attend the 16 and 23 April meetings at the regular time
    • Agreed to reschedule the 16 April meeting to 13:00 CET and to discuss whether to cancel or reschedule the 23 April meeting at that time