From Usenet Big-8 Management Board

Present: RL, TM, JE

  • Admin
    • JE received email from Geoff Wood. He would not like to take over an existing group. Instead, he would like to go forward with creating rec.audio.pcdaw rec.audio.pcdaw on Google Groups. Being that he already has a community of people would use this group, this could be an easy win. It was agreed that Board members would review documentation associated with the new group creation process. JE to take the lead and continue to serve as point of contact with Geoff. JE to also clarify with Geoff whether the group is to be moderated or unmoderated.
    • JE is going to contact some of his Usenet hosting peers to ask them to run a report of Big-8 groups that are currently getting traffic in the last few years and subtract any completely dead groups as candidates for deletion. The script for the report is available.
      • RL suggested also reporting on the most active groups.
      • TM suggested also reporting those groups whose only posts are automated FAQs/charters.
    • RL has reconfigured the comp.ai comp.ai on Google Groups WebSTUMP with additional rejection reasons (for spam, etc.). Need to check whether these reasons are standard with the distribution.
  • Misc
    • RL noted that today is September 9999, 1993 (and there was much rejoicing).