From Usenet Big-8 Management Board

Present: RL, TM

Apologies: JE

  • Infrastructure/Administration
    • TM has not yet written to Tim Skirvin re mailing lists but will do so soon.
    • Tim Skirvin no longer has working moderation software for news.admin.announce news.admin.announce on Google Groups and has asked us to set up a (Web)STUMP instance on Panix for his use. TM to do so using the forthcoming instructions from RL (see below).
    • No further report re comp.os.linux.announce comp.os.linux.announce on Google Groups and the proposed PC audio group. It was suggested that JE poke the relevant individuals.
    • TM reported that submissions to comp.ai comp.ai on Google Groups are apparently being auto-approved without moderator intervention. RL to look into this.
  • Wiki
    • E-mail from JE: JE is in the process of updating the Newsreaders page and Wikipedia's List of newsreaders.
    • TM has updated the licence footer for CC BY-SA.
    • RL to add instructions to the wiki on how to configure a new (Web)STUMP instance on our Panix account.
  • (Web)STUMP
  • Publicity
    • TM has not yet written to Marty Moleski re Facebook but will do so today.
    • Nobody has had further replies to our press release but is continuing to look out for them.