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Paul W. Schleck

I have participated on Usenet newsgroups since 1990. My first exposure to Usenet was the Stupid People's Court (aka, rec.humor.spc), created by Jeff Meyer. I currently host [http://www.novia.net/~pschleck/spc/ the most complete direct archive].
The Stupid People's Court, or SPC, was a satire of the TV show People's Court (an early reality show that emulated a small claims court) that attempted to make net-etiquette offenders on the early Usenet "stand trial" for their offenses, and receive humorously ironic punishments. It was a brilliant send-up of unproductive on-line behavior, and was an early influence on my participation on-line.
Other more serious groups that I have regularly followed since then are rec.ham-radio (later rec.radio.amateur.*) and comp.dcom.telecom.
I served on the editorial board for a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list for rec.radio.amateur.* from approximately 1991 to 1995 (FAQ is now defunct after last chief editor gave it up, and is arguably superseded by the outstanding resources available for amateur radio at the [http://www.arrl.org web site of the American Radio Relay League]).
I created, maintained, and posted to the Usenet newsgroups from 1991 to 2000, another information resource called the "Amateur Radio Elmers Resource Directory," which was a list of mentors, experts, and gurus for amateur radio on the net. The term "Elmer" in amateur radio refers to an expert, usually older and wiser.
I was a co-moderator for the *.answers newsgroups, working with chief moderator Jonathan Kamens and the rest of his team.

I also previously served as a Usenet Volunteer Votetaker, conducting votes for comp.sys.psion and sci.techniques.microscopy.

In 1993, I helped Mark Salyzyn create and maintain rec.radio.info, initially serving as guest moderator, and currently as chief moderator.
In 2007, I was the proponent for rec.radio.amateur.moderated, organizing its moderation team, setting up an instance of [http://www.algebra.com/~ichudov/stump/ Secure, Team-Based Usenet Moderation Program] or STUMP, and currently serving as chief moderator.
I have also assisted several other moderation teams set up their own instances of STUMP to moderate their own newsgroups.
I wish to share my experience and knowledge of Usenet with others and ensure Usenet's long-term survival as a personally and professionally useful information resource.