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Bob Rudd Member, Big 8 Management Board

I have been active on Usenet for over two decades as a newsgroup participant in multiple ngs. In 2012, the late Alexander Bartolich spoke with and asked me to run for the B8MB. Alexander believed it was time for a non-techie, such as myself, newsgroup user to join the Board. He felt I would bring "new blood" to the Board in terms of creative ideas and a different aspect, as well as type, of leadership to Usenet in the future.

If Usenet is not just going to survive but thrive in the future, it will have to evolve and change...radically perhaps from its origins and history.

Change is good yet embracing it may be difficult and a slower process than one would anticipate. Yet, if Usenet is to survive, it must adapt and change.

I think we're all up to the challenge.