Technical Team

From Usenet Big-8 Management Board
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The Technical Team is appointed by the Board to issue control messages, moderate announcement groups, help maintain the web site and mailing lists, and perform other similar duties required to achieve its mission.

Coordinator: Tim Skirvin

Contact address:


  • Russ Allbery -- PGP control keys, scripts
  • Todd Michel McComb
  • Dave Sill -- news.admin.announce moderation team, 24/7/365 technical support for Board members


  • submission address:
  • e-mail contact:
  • Moderators: Brian Edmonds, Tim Skirvin, and Dave Sill.
  • n.a.a. Charter: "News.admin.announce is a forum for important announcements for news administrators. It is a moderated forum, watched over by a team of moderators for added speed. Possible topics for messages include announcements regarding news transport or browsing software, Frequently Asked Questions lists, announcements of new EMP cancellers, announcements of new cancellation criteria, reports that directly relate to the future of Usenet, reports on legal issues that directly affect news administrators such as the Communications Decency Act, and so forth…"