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(diff) ← Older revision | Latest revision (diff) | Newer revision → (diff)		Professional audio recording and studio engineering.

The charter, culled from the call for votes:

This newsgroup will provide a forum for the discussion of professional
audio products, recording and studio engineering as it relates to any
of following:

	- Radio/TV audio for on-air and production
	- Sound reinforcement
	- Recording

Some appropriate topics of discussion:

	- Buy/sell/swap of equipment
	- Equipment maintainance
	- Interfacing for control purposes
	- Modifications to equipment
	- Recording/mixing/editing/mastering techniques
	- Recording/reproduction media
	- Repair problems/solutions
	- Selection of equipment for particular situations
	- Studio design/construction
	- Testing and measurement
	- Use of computers in studios is an unmoderated newsgroup which passed its vote for
creation by 241:30 as reported in news.announce.newgroups on 9 May 1994.

For your newsgroups file:		Theoretical, factual, and DIY topics in home audio.

The charter, culled from the call for votes:

This forum is place for users to post articles concerning home
consumer audio that are of a factual, practical, or theoretical
nature. Sample topics might include:

        "How do I compute standing wave frequencies?"
        "Ported vs. non-ported speaker designs"
        "What is 8x oversampling?"
        "Power Amps: Current vs. Impedance Questions"

This group is devoted to discussion of non-subjective topics, such as
electronic design, acoustics, and diy items such as speaker building.
Related topics, such as where to purchase resistors or speaker
drivers, or where to find technical or practical information are also
permissible. (e.g., "Where can I find Thiele & Small writings", or
"Where can I find a good dealer for JBL drivers?".)

For your newsgroups file:	Vacuum tube-based amateur radio equipment.

The charter, culled from the vote result announcement:

The newsgroup,, is primarily for
discussions of topics related to classic amateur radio gear.
Participation by others who are not licensed radio amateurs are also

The charter, culled from the vote result announcement:

The purpose of the "" newsgroup is to provide an
unmoderated forum for the discussion of topics of general interest
to DXers, including but not limited to:

  o  announcements of and invitations to join upcoming DXpeditions;

  o  information about QSL routes;

  o  tips and techniques regarding good operating practices;

  o  solicitations for schedules that will enable new DXers to get
     the last few "new ones" needed to qualify for DXCC;

  o  periodic postings of data files, such as the DXCC countries
     list, great circle coordinates used to determine beam headings,

  o  administrative policies and practices pertinent to DX
     operations, such as gaining recognition for a DXpedition by
     national societies, adding new countries to the DXCC countries
     list, etc.;

  o  the general joys and sorrows of participation in or making
     contact with a DXpedition.

Although the term "DX" is usually used in reference to global
communications on the HF bands, operators who use other modes have
different applications of this term.  This is especially true of VHF
and UHF operators, for whom a contact of only 1000 or even 100 miles
might well be considered DX depending on the band in which the
contact is made.  There is currently no newsgroup dedicated to these
operators.  Although the majority of the traffic on "
amateur.dx" is expected to concern HF DXing, proponents of the higher
bands are welcome to use "" as a forum in which
to discuss their DX activities and, in fact, are encouraged to do so.

Postings that would be considered inappropriate for this newsgroup
are those whose topic falls more naturally under the charter of some
other newsgroup in the "" hierarchy.  For example,
discussion of radios used by DXers would be more appropriately posted
to the "" newsgroup.  Similarly, general
discussion of beam antennas typically used by DXers would be more
appropriately posted to the "" newsgroup.

For your newsgroups file:	Amateur radio practices, rules, etc. (Moderated) is for the discussion of amateur ("ham")
radio, also known as the Amateur Radio Service, as defined in Federal
Communications Commission Regulations and U.S. Law (47 CFR Part 97), and
in similar laws and regulations in other countries, based on
international treaty.  It is not limited to the rules of any one country
or time period.  Possible topics include past, present, and future
operating practices; events; contests; past, present, and
potential-future rules; power limitations; authorized frequencies;
allowed modes and band plans (or other gentlemen's agreements) that
govern how we are to operate; what constitutes the acceptable operation
of amateur stations.

The newsgroup is intended to be international in scope, not just for
amateurs in the United States.  It is, however, intended as an
English-language forum, by custom and practice.  As with General
Aviation and other internationally-scoped endeavors, the Amateur Radio
Service has a strong custom of the use of English and the Latin
alphabet.  Discussion of amateur radio in languages other than English
also occurs in many country- and region-specific hierarchies, many of
which have specific amateur radio newsgroups, including:

de.* (Germany)
dk.* (Denmark)
es.* (Spain)
fr.* (France)
nl.* (Netherlands)
pl.* (Poland)
pt.* (Portugal)
relcom.* (Russia)

This newsgroup is only intended to supplement, not supersede, any other
amateur radio newsgroups.

General communications law or government policy of various government
agencies is also on-topic, as long as the discussion relates to amateur
radio.  Examples would be emergency communications, local antenna
restrictions, and property deed restrictions applying to operation of
amateur radio stations.

Discussion of other types of radio, such as Citizens Band, Broadcast,
other Personal Radio Services, Commercial or Private Land Mobile, and
Marine or Aviation services are off-topic, except when *directly*
related to amateur radio.  Similarly, discussion of methods violating
applicable communications law and regulations concerning radio equipment
or operations are off-topic.

The following are prohibited:

  * Personal advertisements (submitters of such articles will be
    referred to, instead).
  * Commercial advertisements and money-making schemes.
  * Chain letters.
  * Posts in HTML.
  * EMP spam.
  * Binaries, apart from PGP signatures, X-Face headers, and other
    ancillary article meta-data.
  * Forgery of valid e-mail addresses.
  * Excessive morphing/nym-shifting.
  * Copyright violations.  Pointers to news articles, blogs, etc. on
    this topic are welcome but are required to comply with fair use
  * Personal attacks and flames, as defined by the moderation team.
  * Advertising items and/or services for sale (also will be referred to
  * Links to "objectionable" web content, including pornographic sites,
    sites encouraging illegal activities, or sites deemed unacceptable
    by the moderation team.  The moderation team will cursorily check
    the contents of specific links to confirm on-topic content, but
    acceptance for posting does not imply endorsement or approval of
    the entire present or future contents of that web site.
  * Discussion of moderation decisions.  See below for information on
    appealing moderator action.


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