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The purpose of this page is to provide information without any express or implied preference for any of the applications listed. This list contains traditional newsreaders for reading and posting to Usenet, but it doesn't contain any mass downloaders for binary newsgroups.

Please contact us to correct or expand this list.

For general questions about newsreaders for any platform try posting the question to on Google Groups. If your question is about a specific newsreader please put the name of the newsreader in brackets "[ ]" at the beginning of the subject line.

If you are looking to get started with Thunderbird, see our tutorials.




Name Download Platform Notes
Alpine Download Multiple Link to source code
Claws Mail Download Multiple Formerly Sylpheed Claws
Evolution Download Multiple Link to source code
Gnus Download Multiple Built into Emacs
Lynx Download Multiple Minimal Newsreader
Newega Download Linux and Windows Contains Windows and Linux binaries. Is actually web-based.
nn Download Multiple Link to source code
Pan Download Multiple  
Seamonkey Project Download Multiple  
slrn Download Multiple  
Thunderbird Download Multiple  
tin Download Multiple Link to source code
XRN Download Multiple Link to source code






Name Download Platform Notes
HogWasher Download Mac  
MT-NewsWatcher Download Mac  






Name Download Platform Notes
Forte Agent Download Windows 30-day Trial
MesNews Download Windows  
MicroPlanet Gravity Download Windows  
MR/2 ICE Download Windows and OS/2  
NewsgroupsRT Microsoft Store Windows  
Usenet Explorer Download Windows Shareware
Bintube Download Windows  






Name Download Platform Notes
EZ Usenet App Store Android Requires Easynews services
Holmez App Store Android  
NewsGroup Reader App Store Android  
Newstap App Store iOS  
PhoNews App Store Android  
Usenet Reader for Android App Store Android Demo
Usenet Reader for Android App Store Android Paid



Historical (No longer supported or developed)

Name Download Platform Notes
40tude Dialog Download Windows  
A4Pocket Newsreader Download PocketPC  
BeInformed Download BeOS  
BeNews Download BeOS  
Beonex Download Multiple Precursor to Mozilla/Seamonkey
FreeNews Download Web/Javascript  
Knode Download Linux Can be still installed on multiple Linux distributions but it in no longer being developed.
MacSOUP Download Mac  
Maple Download Windows  
MaxNews Download Mac  
NewHunter 3 Download Mac  
News Rover Download Windows  
News Yanoff Download PalmOS  
Newsman Pro Download Mac  
NewsXpress Download Windows  
Pronews Download OS/2  
RMRNews Download SymbianOS  
Turnpike Download Windows  
Unison Download Mac  
WinVN Download Windows  
Xana News Download Windows  
Xnews Download Windows  
XPN Download Multiple Download link to Sourceforge page
Yanoff Download PalmOS  
Yarn Download DOS & OS/2