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The purpose of this page is to provide information without any express or implied preference for any of the services listed.

Please contact us to correct or expand the lists on this page.

Free Text-Only Usenet Servers

List of free Usenet servers:

Server Notes
Eternal September Provides access to the Big 8, alt.*, and many regional hierarchies.
Solani Provides access to the Big 8, alt.*, and many regional hierarchies. Provides Danish and Open Source related groups. Provides access to the Big 8, fr.*, and linux.*, plus some other regional hierarchies.
nntp:// This is a *read-only* service. This is the nntp link.
nntps:// Same as above but with a nntps link.
Neodome Website non-functional as of 2023, but NNTP access still works.

A site with more information about free NNTP servers:

Internet Service Providers and Usenet Access

For comparison information on ISPs who provide Usenet access to their subscribers you can see the following web sites:

Lists of ISPs Who Provide Usenet and/or Usenet Providers
Free and Public Usenet News Servers (may be out of date) Usenet Servers (may be out of date)
Newsgroup Reviews Lists of Free Trials or Special Offers
Newsgroup Reviews Premium Usenet Provider Chart
Newzbin Usenet:ISP Providers
Newzbin Chart of Premium Usenet Providers
NGProvider FAQ
Usenet Tools - News Server Addresses

Note: the Big-8 Management Board is not responsible for information on nor has any affiliation with the above sites. We would appreciate hearing from you if you have further information on Usenet providers.

Standalone News Service Providers

Paid Usenet Providers

Bulk Providers

The following NSPs sell services to resellers who, in turn, provide access to end users. They do not provide news access subscriptions to individuals.

Highwinds Media Group

Web-to-News Gateways

Some websites offer access to Usenet newsgroups. Some allow posting access, while others act as read-only archives.

Mail-to-News Gateways

It is possible to gain access to some newsgroups through Mail-to-News Gateways.