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* [[Moderation policy for news.groups.proposals]]
* [[Moderation policy for news.groups.proposals]]
* [[news.groups.proposals GPG public key]]
* [[news.groups.proposals GPG public key]]
[[Category:news.groups.proposals| ]]

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news.groups.proposals news.groups.proposals on Google Groups is a moderated newsgroup that was created in November 2006 to address issues with the news.groups newsgroup. As described in the n.g.p. charter, the goal was to provide a "healthy environment where ideas can be raised, discussed, and developed."

news.groups.proposals is used primarily in step 3 of the newsgroup creation process.

To remove the flames, attacks, and other noise from this phase of the discussion, news.groups.proposals is moderated. The moderators try to insure that articles relate to a newsgroup proposal and are civil. Dissenting opinions are encouraged. For additional information on the moderation policy, refer to the n.g.p moderation policy.

You should be able to submit articles to news.groups.proposals just as you do for any other newsgroups. If you find that your news provider has misconfigured the group as unmoderated, you can email submissions to

If you have problems (including misconfiguration of the group by your provider) or questions, the administrative address for the group is

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