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From: (Big 8 Management Board)
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Subject: 4th RFD: comp.sys.mac.vintage - LAST CALL FOR COMMENTS
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2013 18:37:46 EDT
Message-ID: <kkkioo$bop$>

            unmoderated group comp.sys.mac.vintage
                    LAST CALL FOR COMMENTS

This is a formal Request for Discussion (RFD) for the creation of the
unmoderated newsgroup comp.sys.mac.vintage.


comp.sys.mac.vintage	Unsupported Macintosh hardware and software.


Being that discussion within the Macintosh Big-8 newsgroups has naturally
followed the evolution of the computer hardware and software, and being that
a certain number of users and hobbyists still appreciate using and maintaining
the older systems, the creation of a newsgroup dedicated to older Macintosh
hardware and software is hereby proposed.

Presently, discussions for older Macintosh systems are carried out in the
most relevant newsgroup. There are two principal drawbacks to this current
arrangement. First of all, the volume of discussions for present-day systems
dwarfs that of the older systems and software. Secondly, it follows that the
larger discussion base naturally stems from a larger pool of participants whose
technical knowledge primarily centers around the modern Mac OS X systems.

With a newsgroup dedicated to all matters concerning older Macintosh systems,
both experienced users and hobbyists alike will be able to participate in
discussions without the clutter of other discussions on the newest hardware
and software.

Outside of Usenet, a small number of moderated message boards and mailing lists
are devoted to vintage and obsolete Macintosh discussions. An unmoderated
newsgroup that will almost certainly be archived for perpetuity will serve the
needs of vintage Macintosh users for years to come by allowing free exchange
of discussion, advice, tips, and questions. Message archives will ensure that
in future, users will be able to draw from this base of answers and insight,
much like what is now possible with Macintosh newsgroup archives from the late
80s and 90s.

In the past month, 20 Usenet users have expressed interest in
such a newsgroup. Their names and Message-IDs follow:

Peter Dassow	<51366e82$0$6563$>
kevin		<>
Steve Nickolas	<>
Alan Browne	<>
Lyndon		<>
billy		<kh3th7$pe4$>
Jolly Roger	<>
David Empson	<>
Scott Alfter	<kh7udt$tfe$>
Bill Horne	<kh845u$1rn$>
mos6502geek	<>
David Griffith	<kh8co5$k8f$>
Egan Ford	<kh8hgs$orl$>
slandon110	<>
Jesse		<khdb59$gns$>
Chris Schram	<>
jt august	<>
Stephen T. Cole	<notlikely-1303131113590001@>
eastwind	<>
Al Kossow	(via mail to proponent)


The newsgroup comp.sys.mac.vintage is intended for discussions regarding the
use, maintenance, and programming of Macintosh computers which are no longer
current. This classification includes the following systems:

- All Motorola 680x0 series computers
- All PowerPC series computers
- Any Intel computer declared by Apple as either vintage or obsolete
- All Mac OS Systems prior to Mac OS X
- Any Mac OS X version no longer supported by Apple

Discussions of Macintosh clones, as well as alternative operating systems, are
also on-topic and welcomed in this newsgroup.

Requests for hardware and software should be posted in the comp.sys.mac.wanted

Posters to this newsgroup are asked to refrain from harassment, personal
attacks, and disruptive communication. Articles containing binary computer
files including, but not limited to, programs or images, are forbidden. All
articles should be plain-text only.

Users should exercise their best judgement and use consideration for the
copyright laws of their country. If in doubt, ask.


Please refer to the newsgroup creation policies listed here:

All discussion of active proposals should be posted to news.groups.proposals.

To this end, the followup header of this RFD has been set to

The final comment period lasts for five (5) days from the time that
this RFD is posted.


This document has been posted to the following newsgroups:



D. Finnigan <>

2013-04-15  4th RFD. Updated charter and rationale
2013-04-09  3rd RFD. Updated charter
2013-03-18  2nd RFD. Amended charter and rationale
2013-03-04  1st RFD.